Precision Motorcars: Independent Mercedes Repair in Cincinnati, OH

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Cincinnati's premier independent Mercedes-Benz service and repair shop for over 40 years.  More than a dealer-alternative--a preferred choice for vintage to new Mercedes vehicles.



"I received a quote from the West Chester Mercedes-Benz dealership which seemed high. I looked on the Internet and found Precision Motorcars specialized in Mercedes-Benz maintenance. I also called another company who dealt with 'imports', and they returned a call stating they were busy, but suggested I contact Precision Motorcars as they had more expertise with Mercedes-Benz, which I took as a good sign.

I e-mailed Precision Motorcars and they returned the call quickly to set up an appointment. Their price to replace the Motor Mounts in my car was ~34% lower than the Mercedes Dealership. I had my own parts and they provided me two options 1) use my parts and then they warrant the labor but not parts 2) they supply parts and they warrant both Labor & Parts for 12 months/ 12k miles.

Based on pricing and the warranty, I chose to have them supply labor & parts with plans to return the parts I had already purchased. I scheduled time for the repair on Friday, but my schedule happened to work better if I dropped the car off on Thursday and pick it up Friday, so I did and they offerred me a ride back to my work which was nice.

My second 'comforting' feeling was when I pulled up to the Precision Motorcars, the lot was filled with Mercedes-Benz, so it gave me a lot of comfort that they would know how to service Mercedes. Precision Motor Cars called on Friday morning saying the repairs were complete. They ended up using the parts I had supplied, but said they would warrant them because they were Manufacturer parts.

The 'slight' issue was that their price difference between Parts & Labor and Labor only was less than I had purchased the parts for. Meaning, if they used my parts and charged me the labor only price I would pay ~ $60 more. I told them this and they effectively immediately agreed to adjust the price to discount this $60 so I would be no worse off. The number I provided them as to the price difference for me supplying the parts had a deduction for 'shipping' the part back to where I purchased it.... but Tyler, the president/ owner, said that deduction wasn't needed because they 'saved' money by not having to pay shipping to get the parts to their shop. I thought this was outstanding customer service, I offered up paying more... and they said to be 'fair' that they wouldn't take the shipping adjustment, saving me another $15.

This also saved me the hassle of having to ship the parts back! My interactions with everyone at Precision Motorcars were very positive and I will absolutely use them for my future service needs. As a 'qualitative'/ second hand assessment, I spoke with two other customers who were 'long time' customers of Precision Motors and they both gave their full backing to Precision Motorcars. I have already given a Precision Motorcars business card to my boss who also has a Mercedes!" 




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