Precision Motorcars: Independent Mercedes Repair in Cincinnati, OH

craftsmanship. honesty. experience.

Cincinnati's premier independent Mercedes-Benz service and repair shop for over 40 years.  More than a dealer-alternative--a preferred choice for vintage to new Mercedes vehicles.




As a small company in a community we care about, we're committed to responsible business practices. Getting your car serviced can be a tricky thing. Do you really need a particular repair? How can you be sure? At Precision Motorcars, our reputation lies in straightforward and experienced Mercedes-Benz repair work.


Quite simply, we are a small shop with expert knowledge into the niché that is Mercedes-Benz. We pride ourselves on being thorough and detail-oriented with every repair we perform.


Precision Motorcars strives to reduce, reuse, and recycle anything it can. When it comes to scrap paper in the office, we reuse it, and then recycle it. When we receive parts in cardboard boxes, we break them down, reuse them if we can, and then recycle them as well. We use high-efficiency lighting throughout the facility. We also welcome the research and development of alternative fuel vehicles.  Here at the shop we have converted a Mercedes-Benz to a bi-fuel vehicle capable of running on either CNG (compressed natural gas) or gasoline with the flip of a switch. We've also converted a car to 100% electric power


We are proud to be able to support chairites and causes we care about, including Doctors Without Borders, Children's Rights, NPR, and Southern Poverty Law.


Precision Motorcars is an independent Mercedes-Benz service and repair facility, and we are in no way affiliated with Daimler Benz AG, or any of its subsidiaries. 

5565 Murray Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45227   |   513-271-5565   | M-F 8am-5:30pm   |